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25 Examples of What America Would Be Like if We Were All Christian Conservative Tea Partiers

5214 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:20 AM
If those who identify with the Tea Party support an Originalist view of the Constitution (as I do), then Mr. Hawkins is confusing social conservatism with Constitutionalism and he is mistaken about #s 18 - 20. #18 & #19 (Gay Marriage and Abortion) Both are a State's rights issues under the Tenth Amendment. It is up to each State to choose whether it allows either. And no other State would be forced to acknowledge any private union made under the unique laws of another State. #20 The Pledge of Allegiance is an oath to the Union, not to the Founding Principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, which the Union exists to protect. Preserving liberty is more important than Nationalist mantras.
Reed42 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:56 AM
This changes nothing. Mr. Hawkins statements still stand.
wmou Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 8:06 AM
As a conservative Christian, I oppose most of what he would force on us.
Horribilus Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:45 AM
Gay marriage doesn't exist. Life is most definately a Federal issue. I'll give you the pledge.
5214 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 8:52 AM
Though I agree with you, it up to the States to define it, not the Federal Government for which no enumerated power exists to do so. States define drivers ages and other things differently. Marriage is the same. It is clearly a State's right if it isn't an enumerated power.

Regarding abortion, again, no enumerated Federal power exists. If you want to amend the Constitution to define life and criminalize abortion, say after the first trimester, many Constitutionalists would support it, but doing it any other way is a slippery slope to Federalism (which is what got us into this mess).
Horribilus Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 9:02 AM
There is that right to life thing. And no it isn't up to the state to define marriage. It has been done.
HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 2:58 PM
Interracial marriage didn't exist either until the states decriminalized it. The same goes for gay marriage. Just because you refuse to believe it exists doesn't mean it isn't there. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 3:02 PM
I agree. Abortion should be a state issue since it was never mentioned in the constitution. But since the Supreme Court ruled on it in Roe vs. Wade, the only thing a state can't do is ban it outright. It would take a constitutional amendment at the federal level to make any sort of law on abortion. That's how the law is set up and that's how it should be managed.

If every American was a Christian conservative Tea Partier...

1) …There would be fewer regulations, lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a much smaller government that would lead to considerably stronger economic growth and job creation. In fact, we'd probably have to dramatically increase the number of work permits we hand out to foreign workers, not because there are "jobs Americans won't do" (which don't actually exist), but because so many Americans would be employed that we'd have to bring in more people to do all of the available work.

2) ...The richest Americans would have...

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