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The Return of Rev. Wright and the Small Donor Surge To Romney

5088 Wrote: May 17, 2012 4:01 PM
Precisely. I could care less about Jerimiah Wright's paranoid, racist worldview. But what I most certainly DO care about is the fact that Barack Obama knew about them and was apparently perfectly OK with them for many years. He only threw Wright under the bus when it became necessary to save his presidential bid. It does indeed provide a very revealing insight into who and what Barack Obama really is at the core.
jkash1776 Wrote: May 17, 2012 5:18 PM
Precisely what part of openly calling for the eradication of Amendments 1 and 2 does NOT expose OBama as a card carrying chip off the old Wright block? Add to that his 'right' to school and intimidate (OR ignore) either the SCOTUS or other judges ruling on matters pertaining directly to his 'edicts'.
Lastly, this latest gambit of inserting himself into every Presidential biography, sometimes using more space for his 'triumphs' than the original text for the actual biographical subjects, finally exposes that the 'emperor' or 'king' or dictator, is 'out' right along with his rainbow rah rah.

"He is a bitter man...Jeremiah Wright is a joke...[What] Obama's crazy preacher is saying this week" is a "side show."

These quotes are from my interview Wednesday with Bloomberg View's Jonathan Alter, the transcript of which is here.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is relevant again, and about to get even more relevant, and it will be hard for the MSM which loved the 50-year old story of alleged bullying at Cranbrook to ignore the details of what happened 50 months ago. Alter is a strong supporter of Obama and a very smart guy, and he knows this re-emergence of Wright...