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I agree with you...except that those who adore him are acolytes, not followers. But this President has a thin skin, is mean-spirited, and demands obeisance of all around him.
Oh, how I wish your last sentence were true. It would provide some dependable way of determining exactly what the Progressive, Socialist, Liberal Democrats will really mean and what they will do. The problems is the are genetically unable to tell the truth...even when the truth is in their corner. At least that is true of this administration, President, and party leaders in both Houses of Congress...and their supporters. They can write whatever they wish...my only demand is that it be found in the Library under "Fictions."
Ahh, but you are wrong, especially when none of us bother to turn on the light. Goebbels before him, and Alinsky understood the concept of the big, continuous lie and how it could wear down the unaware...and we have proven ourselves both lazy and unaware, allowing their filth to take the form of apparent truth, because we have never condemned it in a constant, strategic way.
Unfortunately that is true. Even more unfortunate is that you need a College degree these days to come close to what used to be taught to you by the time you got your High School diploma.
By itself, the choice to not invite conservatives would not be dangerous. BUT it is not an act...it is evidence. Evidence of the "Rules for Radicals" success in infiltrating our schools systems and our Institutions of Higher Learning. Even Goebbels understood that control of the message and control of the youth was the path to control of a country. He lost because Hitler lost the war. Goebbels was winning the propaganda war...just as Alinsky and his acolytes, such as Ayers and his ilk, intended. And we just sit around and allow their insidious conduct to succeed because we don't put forth the effort to counter the message. And now it may be too late.
Obama does not. A real "President of the United States" would.
With any wording, you are right.
"Put it past him"? I would absolutely expect it of this "President."
This administration...starting at the very top...is so disappointing and embarrassing that words just can't adequately describe my feelings. I was taught that bad language was the tool of those with an inadequate vocabulary. Well...I guess my vocabulary is inadequate. This""""""" President will trade 5 guys who are of immense use to terrorists in order to get on deserter back in our hands and can meet at the White House with the deserter's parents...but he can't make a request of a purported ally to get one of his honorable troops back home. He can't even make a phone call. He can't even make a phone call to the soldier's mother. Not only that, but when the purported ally has its troops come over the border illegally, does he arrest them and hold them in OUR jails? Noooooo! He sends them back and apologizes for any delay in letting them go. There should be a special place in Hell for this President when he passes.
For those who wish to be honest, both to themselves and others, today's America when compared with its past seems very much like the Roman and Greek Empires just before they crashed in flames. Narcissism rules, and that always leads to ruin.
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