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Arizona Republicans Censure John McCain

4981 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 9:25 AM
I truly admire John McCain the war hero. His courage in the most terrible of situations as a POW is remarkable BUT it is time that he step aside for two reasons: 1. That he has been in office too long, he will be 80 years old in the next election for his seat. 2. That he does the opposite of what he ran on and has put the welfare of all Americans in jeopardy with his liberal votes. The best possible situation would be for him to retire from the senate and relinquish his seat now, for the good of the people of Arizona and all Americans.
OK, I see it, you see it, the world has seen it. Where is the DOJ? Where is congress? Why isn't this all over television and radio? Why is everyone so gutless? File charges and arrest this felon and do it NOW.
Under the word BUFFOON in the dictionary is a picture of Chris Matthews then the definition: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person. — buf·foon·ish \-'fü-nish\ adjective. See buffoon defined for English-language learners »
Don't pull an Obama/Biden dummy mistake. It is 192 MILLION not BILLION! State the facts correctly or go to work for the New York Times.
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