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16.4 Trillion seconds ago was roughly 500,000 BC. Back when Right and Left only meant the zig-zagging motion you made as you were running from the sabertooth tiger and the club weilding caveman (assuming you believe in that).
It would only make sense to say that if gun owners were as evil as the anti-gun movement thinks, there wouldn't be any anti-gunners left.
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NRA Slams Biden Meeting

48rocks Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 11:18 AM
Planned Parenthood kills astronomically more children than guns. Where is the outrage?
'Choice' kills astronomically more children than guns. Where is the outrage?
Oh, and by the way, the difference between the number of children murdered by 'choice' vs. a firearm are astronomical! Where is the outrage? We'll never hear that argument from the mainstream as it is irrefutable.
Just so we are all on the right page... the AR-15 and the high capacity mags that fit in them, were not made for hunting deer. Neither was the 2nd Amendment. The NRA's basic argument has nothing to do with want you want or what you hunt, but rather the preservation of the citizen's only basic right to defend themselves from an oppressive government. Based on these facts, then YES, we should have the right to posses the same weapons that the the governement would use on it's citizens if neccesary.
If this world were fair and right, it would be completely acceptable to politely walk up to an elected official like this, terminate their position on the spot and send him or her back to where they came from on a bus.
That is the policy where I work now and where I used to work. Statistically, everyone is safer. Confronting an armed criminal is at best a coin-flip on whether or not someone gets shot. It's way too easy after the fact to declare someone as a hero. A split second decision by the perp could have changed things from hero to zero with at least 3 dead.
All the talk just to get to a budget.. They aren't even talking about the national debt of >16 Trillion and counting. Don't be fooled by right or left, most (not all) politicians are special interest and thus part of the problem. We are measuring debt in Trillions people and they are fighting about how to get to 'break-even' for a fiscal year. Perspective... bring home $1million/year. In 16 million years, you'll have enough to pay off the debt's principle (assuming China didn't charge interest).
When someone uses the words "A Trillion Dollars", let's put that in perspective.... A Million seconds are roughly 11.5 years. A Trillion seconds are roughly 32,000 years. - Lets say you bring home $100,000/ 10 Million Years, you will have made yourself a Trillion- Good news! If you bring home $1,000,000/year, it will only take you a Million Years to have a Trillion Dollars. So what's a few Trillion dollars here and there.....
Unless Romney physically makes Barry cry, the media will say Obama won regardless. It's a stacked deck either way and the Romney team knows it. The first and last debates are the ones that count anyway. This one will prove to be of least importance IMO.
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