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Just another example of Obozo's sociopathic infantilism. It was his fault, it is his fault and if the area becomes a Jihadist caliphate it will remain his fault. He didn't listen to his generals for status of force agreement and pull everyone out for political reasons. He blames Maliki, and yes he had a hand in the chaos, but as with any of the countries, Japan, Germany, and Korea we maintained a force in each one of those countries. History shows us that it took time to pacify Germany and Japan, and Sigmund Ree was over-ruled and we kept a force to this day in Korea, so again Obama never takes blame for anything, and blame for everything is at his doorstep. Oh wait we can't say anything because he is the first half-black president and that would be "racist." What BS from the media, circling the wagons for this nefarious, infantile, incompetent malignant narcissist!
Another case od Demoncrat mental illness fostered by moronic malevolence!
Harry! Harry! Please for your sake, and all Americans, check into Bedlam, because you are a demented loon who has a bank and train robber in your family line! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
Good idea, I would be happy to donate for the purchase of hollow points! When the supreme court said that the electric chair, gas chamber, hanging a the firing squad was cruel and unusual punishment, they never considered the cruel and unusual punishment of the murdering scum's victims!
Where is Madame Lafarge when you need her, especially for those pukes in Washington who should become headless.
Who goes to Jack in the Box anyway that is run by a homicidal clown! Amazing isn't it, that these cowardly corporations yield to small groups who don't represent any of their customers!
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President Hope Abandons It

4877 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 9:31 PM
This is a perfect example of 1984 by George Orwell. This administration is a sewer!
The Demoncrats have driven the term "racism" into the dirt. They think it works to demagogue the Republican base and the Republican politicians. At one time it had an effect, but not anymore, it is just like the boy that cried wolf, no one believes them anymore. Who started the KKK, Demoncrats, who fought against the Civil rights movement Demoncrats, who caused most blacks to go into welfare and poverty to control them, Demoncrats, who stopped any advancement in the Military, until recently, Demoncrats, and on and on! So to use racist on others is just the projection of mentally ill liberals like Pelosi et. al.
You just have to understand Liberals aka progressives, and aka Marxists that what ever label you put on them they are as mentally ill as Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao Tze Tung. They would all be happy in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. Both Socialist ideologies.
If anything, the Demoncrats have always been racists since their inception. The Japanese people used to have landscaping businesses until the illegals came in with the thanks of DC and undercut those hardworking citizens. When I was a kid to earn money while going to school, I mowed and edged lawns, and clipped hedges. This woman is a fool and should lose, but Florida has a lot of idiot leftists, so who knows.
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