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On Guns, Obama Finally Talks About the Culture of Fatherlessness

45caliber Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 2:03 PM
But if men started acting as men again, the women must also act as women again. And that blows the femnists' entire argument!
Ruth228 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 4:11 PM
Agreed. Feminists have created a generation of young-men who don't grow up becuase there is no need to. My parents and grandparents all had homes, married, and at least 1 child by the age of 25. Today's 25 year old still has 10+ years of deciding on majors, traveling with buddies, living with roommates, etc. We are raising a bunch of losers in my opinion. I'm only 32 and lucky I found a responsible, REAL MAN who loves our kids and would never dream of not working. It doesn't mean he has to burden all of the responsiblity, though. I work too. We are a partnership and that is how it should be. Women's lib has gone way too far. I still expect him to open my door on date nights. And he still does. :-)
Dads matter.

President Barack Obama said it recently in Chicago, a city on track for 600 murders this year, the equivalent of two Sandy Hooks per month. Too bad he still does not understand that his left-wing ideology is the problem.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Obama, much of his party and much of the media have been calling for further gun control and advocating "common sense" measures such as limiting the number of rounds in a magazine, "universal" background checks and restrictions on "assault weapons."

But there is an 800-pound politically incorrect elephant in the room.

Most gun murders in...