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Is Anyone Going To Notice The Left's Hysterical Hysteria Over Guns?

45caliber Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 2:30 PM
Gun owners should be training their children in safety and operation (which included how to aim). I started training mine at 1-1/2. By the time they were six they knew how to load and shoot. Part of the problem is lazy gun owners ... and part are the people who insist that every owner should go through some sort of course taught by the government which only identifies to the government whom to watch and arrest if desired.

Somewhere a dentist is missing his laughing gas. Because the absolute hysteria of the American Left Intelligentsia on guns has now reached a new level of laughable. No longer (as if they ever were) engaged in serious conversation about mental health in America, the Hysteria-Merchants now find guns (and lawful gun owners) to be The Problem. They've gone mad. You gotta laugh.

While most can point to Piers Morgan's almost immediate crack-up on guns (always remember, Morgan never cared about people, their lives, and the kids at Sandy Hook. Morgan cares about ratings. Nothing else comes close,) people on both the...