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Good point. Many of the libs on these are the same.
Good article. When they had the Rodney King riots in LA and around the country, the media in Houston had several sitting in a waiting room. Every few minutes they would come on and say, "So far we don't have any rioting here but we are certain that it will occur any moment now. We are ready to cover it when it happens. Just any moment now..." They were very upset when nothing happened.
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What Have we Accomplished in Iraq?

45caliber Wrote: 19 hours ago (3:24 PM)
We did a lot. Then Oblama and the rest of the politicians in Washington gave it all back to the terrorists.
Correct. And I hope the jury ignores their requirements if the cop is innocent.
Can't let a good crisis go to waste!
The mayor has stated that about half the "protesters" are there from out of town - some from out of state - simply to riot and loot. They don't care if the stores survive to help the town citizens.
Hey! Good name for the Demos!
Never. Too much of a chance someone might be there that dislikes Oblama.
Humm... Holder in the open... Not in hiding ...
The main thing I don't like is that the cop emptied his gun to make sure Brown was dead. But I can't really blame him for it - after all, he was trained to do just that. That is my REAL problem with the police. They are over trained in shooting the suspects.
Just an additional note about Lehmberg - when arrested and in jail, she threatened to use her office to punish the police with fines and jail for arresting her.
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