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Be a Patriot: Expand Your Carbon Footprint Today

45caliber Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:16 PM
Checked out the electric cars lately? 50 mile range (maybe) and 45 mph top speed. But I rode in an electric car about 1970 or so. It was a test car that used 6 standard car batteries, could get 65 on the highway in mountainous areas, had a 350 mile range and took less than 30 minutes to recharge off any 120v outlet. It cost the driver about $12.50 a month to drive. Ever see that car? You won't either. Gulf Oil and General Motors bought out that company. Despite Demo arguments, the government isn't interested since it can't tax the fuel used or get as much from it.
Joseph64 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 5:13 PM
And don't forget the water car. They tried buying him out too but he refused and he died not long after after eating poisoned food in a restaurant.
lemmi Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:48 PM
I've heard stories like that every since the 1950's they were all proven to be bunk.
HuffingPaintPost Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 4:26 PM
There are probably a dozen variations on Snopes.
Torr Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 4:46 PM
Yeah. i remember one about a fellow that was supposedly sold a Chrysler with an experimental 120 mpg carburetor, and that Chrysler Motors bought it back at the price of a brand new New Yorker every year for the rest of his life.

.....Then the Atlantic Richfield Co. trucks that were dumping fuel in the desert to create an artificial shortage to drive up fuel prices.

But then there are more believable conspiracies, like when the Wankel engine was on the front page of Popular Mechanics. It weighed 140 pounds, could develop 400hp, and only had 9-moving parts. ...Then it disappeared for a decade and reemerged as a Mazda power plant that was under-powered, inefficient and had a bazillion moving parts.

Oh well ... :)
71 911E, TX Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 5:25 PM
Torr, the Wankel was killed by the EPA smog requirements. Very hard to make it compliant. See the demise of the latest Mazda RX-8.

The HP claims you state are probably true. However, Wankels have very limited torque available. No too good for leaving from a stop light, and not too fun to drive when you have to keep the RPM's up to 6 or 8 grand all the time so you can get to the HP.
algae Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 5:37 PM
The Wankel was actually a pretty good engine design. It does have far fewer moving parts than piston engines.

The problems? Rotor seals wear out relatively quickly compared to piston rings. The things eat a LOT of fuel. To make them work well they have to turn high RPMs.

If you think they were "inefficient", you should try an 3rd generation RX7. Unless you are used to race cars I guarantee a smile after driving one.

Speaking of which, here are the RX-792P stats. Especially for the "Wankel averse":

displacement 2616 cc / 159.64 in
compression 10.0:1
power 700 bhp @ 9000 rpm
bhp/weight 843.37 bhp per ton
torque 448.4 ft lbs @ 6500 rpm

Now you were saying Torr?
scott s. Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 5:47 PM
Mazda had a 280 hp rotary in the later RX-7s.
algae Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:43 PM
You should try one of those Flintstone cars, 45Dimwits. Unlimited mpg and a great treadmill-like work out.

All you have to do is use a Sawzall to chop a hole through your automobile floorboard and start running. You don't even have to plug it in. Your mileage is only limited by your stamina. Unfortunately Hanna Barbera claimed patent to this marvelous gas-saving vehicle invention so you won't see many on the road.

But seriously, the real humor in your post is missing. How did you end up with a rickshaw mentality?
Hawker 1 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:27 PM
You should change your handle to Reid . Name that Company Oh I forget leftist don't have to prove a lie.
CardSenseJimmyBond Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:34 PM
Don't think he's a leftist. What he's saying is that t truly efficient vehicle that offered excellent performance and economy is counterproductive to leftists' aims. They want us to be dependent on the government for transportation as well as everything else. They also don't want us going anywhere or doing anything that might bring their disapproval.


I'm proposing a bold conservation program to involve every state, county, and city and every average American in our energy battle. This effort will permit you to build conservation into your homes and your lives at a cost you can afford. I ask Congress to give me authority for mandatory conservation and for standby gasoline rationing. To further conserve energy, I'm proposing tonight an extra ten billion dollars over the next decade to strengthen our public transportation systems. And I'm asking you for your good and for your nation's security to take no unnecessary trips, to use carpools or public...