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Ted Cruz Grills Eric Holder on Drones, Fast and Furious

45-otto Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 7:29 PM
Holder is a Chicago Democrap, he can't understand a simple question let alone answer one truthfully. Harry Reid is so beneath contempt that whale dung towers over him. It all stems back to the Kenyan, Muslim, Communist usurper in the White House. Let's see his name is Barack Obama no wait it's Barry Soetoro, he's Kenyan, no wait, he's Indonesian like his college grant says, no wait he's American yeah that's it American. This would be reminiscent of a Marx Brother's skit if it weren't so tragic. Wait - did I say Marx? As in Karl?

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on Capitol Hill, Texas Senator Ted Cruz heavily questioned Attorney General Eric Holder about the Department of Justice position on drones, enforcing the law and Operation Fast and Furious. As Guy documented extensively earlier, Holder has made it clear his DOJ can kill American citizens on U.S. soil  with drones in "extraordinary circumstances." Cruz repeatedly asked Holder if this stance was constitutional, to which Holder refused to give a clear yes or no answer. The word "constitutional" never came out of Holder's mouth.* (see update)

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