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The Kenyan in Chief, along with his entire cabinet and their lackeys should be fed into a wood chipper.
This anal sphincter really needs to be fed into a wood chipper along with all the rest of the liberal/progressive/Marxists in the country.
IRS employees are living proof that a woman can be impregnated by her colostomy bag. NSA - if you're reading this fellate me!
I.R.S. - what a bunch of lying cockroaches. Complete dooshebags.
Hey Jan, how about we secure our own state borders from the Feds and tell the porch monkey to blow it out his a$$?
O.K.Lurch, what should we worry about? Perhaps the fact that your boss is the worst excuse for a President to ever infest the White House? Maybe that Eric Holder the top law enforcement officer in the country is a traitor to his oath of office? Maybe we should worry about an avowed liar and coward that is our Secretary of State? Which should we worry about most in your feeble opinion you Marxist cockroach?
This is all a part of the plan to destroy America from within. The Marxist in Chief knows exactly what he is doing. The only way to fix this country at this point is another revolution to overthrow the elitists in Washington, re-establish the Constitution as the law of the land without liberal parasitic interpretation, period. We got to this point by not paying attention to what our children were taught in public schools by largely socialist educators (indoctrinators).
Hey Harry, you arrogant pile of manure - fellate me!
Congress is so compromised and corrupt themselves that they wouldn't have the balls to impeach the Kenyan.
Here's a clue, the Scumbag in Chief does NOT care what his approval rating is. He means to bring this country to its knees and he is well on his way. Whatever this Kenyan toad says, expect his actions to be the direct opposite, he has co-opted Congress and the courts and nothing short of a shooting war between the citizens and this sad excuse of a government will change the course of this country. Want to improve things? Take out his entire administration, Congress, and the entire federal judiciary and start over. Anything less is wasted effort.
With any luck at all this Marxist beeeatch will stroke out before 2016.
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