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Know why lawyers wear neckties? So their foreskin doesn't slide up and smother them.
Liberals are like birds, they foul their nests so badly they can't live in them anymore and then move into yours and foul it too. They can't seem to understand that their policies are what is ruining their home states and indeed the country. Instead of fixing their own problems they just run away from them. Do real Americans a favor and pull your head out of your rectum, and while your at it STAY OUT OF ARIZONA! You are not welcome.
Hagel, you're nothing but a lapdog apologist for your porch monkey messiah. Soetoro said he was going to "fundamentally" change America and his worthless, cowardly foreign policy is just a part of the plan to bring America to its knees. A great big thank you to all of you dimwitted liberal dreamers, welfare taker cockroaches and moronic soccer mommies for sticking America with this closet muslim manure pile of a president.
Democrap dooooshbags like this toad are convinced they can do no wrong, take responsibility for nothing and never apologize. The smegma I scrape from under my foreskin has more value than every liberal/progressive/Marxist cockroach ever dribbled onto a rock by their mommy combined.
Whenever I'm having a bad day I imagine Hairball Reid's cranial vault being evacuated by a 168 grain Sierra Match King traveling at about 2650 fps and things brighten up considerably.
The fact that half the country can't see what a nasty, foul, narcissistic dooshebag this oxygen thief really is scares the hell out of me. She's such a cockroach even Slick Willy doesn't want to do her.
Holder could benefit from having his cranial vault evacuated by 168 grains traveling at about 2650fps.
Never a good thing when Sharpton and reverend Jesse get involved. Ever notice that they are always a part of the problem and never a part of the solution? Guaranteed bet: if a black kid is involved in any altercation with (white) police and there's money to be made reverends Al & Jesse will be stirring the pot.
The Porch Monkey in Chief has done far worse than Nixon ever did and nothing happens to him. You don't suppose it's because he's black do you?
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Must-see Video: Inside IS

45-otto Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 6:35 PM
Better yet dune coon why don't you visit me and see who prevails you camel humper?
Russell Brand - another poster child for abortion. The better part of him dribbled out of his momma and left a brown stain on the sheets.
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