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Has Obama Awakened Mitt's Inner Sleeping Giant?

4441 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 2:14 PM
I am not a fan of Gov. Romeny, so in this election I will be taking the WC Fields approach to politics-I am not voting for, I am voting against. This President and his entire administration have got to go.

Someone recently asked me what campaign advice I would give Mitt Romney if I were in his inner circle. Let me respond.

First, let me say that though I have been concerned that Romney has not been aggressive enough to date, we have begun to see a different side of him in the past few days. In response to Obama's indefensibly derogatory statements about business, Romney bolted out of his chair and delivered a spirited defense of entrepreneurship and the American spirit. It was an exceedingly welcome and gratifying development and one that I hope signals a new chapter...