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The Perversity of Liberal "Rules"

351designer Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 12:20 PM
So true. Liberals are so self-decieved it is beyond belief. Liberal said his philosophy is based on reason, science, and economics, and especially universal truth. It would take less than a 5 minute debate to have him(her?) contradict all of that. JC, you are right that their entire philosphy is based on subjectivism and relativism. These foundations alone allow for diametrically opposed conclusions, values, beliefs, or what have you, to all be true at the same time. Liberalism is a self-refuting error that apparently is not self-evident to the irrational goofs caught up in the self-deception. Their science had held so many different positions it is beyond laughable that any thinking person could base anything other than...
351designer Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 12:25 PM
a stand-up routine on it. The Soviet Union and Europe are examples of the liberal economic. The Soviet Union has already failed, and Europe is in the middle of failing, while the US is starting to fail, all because of liberal economics. Yet they will not admit failure. It is incomprehensible. Liberalism is really based on lies, deception, corruption, emotion, self-righteousness, rationalization, and the over-whelming desire to control the behavior of others through the legislation of their demented morality.

It's been not at all troubling to me to watch President Obama be pilloried for having the temerity to comment on California Attorney General Kamala Harris' looks -- mostly because of the different standards to which Democrats and Republicans are routinely held on such "women's" topics by Democrats and the press.

Here's a news flash for worshippers in the Cult of Obama: The President is just a normal man.  Normal men notice women's looks.  And normal men reason -- not inaccurately -- that most women like to hear that they're attractive.  Only in elite lefty circles in this post-feminist era have...