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Public Unions are Public Enemy No. 1

3129 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 5:42 PM
I disagree. Public enemy #1 is our self fulfilling, self sustaining bureaucracy. These agencies are not even mentioned in the Constitution, pass laws as if they were congress, and try their own cases as if they were District Court Judges. Tell your Legislators to call for a Constitutional Convention. Viva la revolucion.

Their hunger can’t be satisfied.

In a country where government spending now makes up 40 percent of our GDP annually and where our national debt is 106 percent of our GDP, public employees are helping out their fellow citizens during tough economic times by demanding a larger slice of the shrinking national pie.

In California, the state public pension plan is stiffing private investors- even ones they just recently borrowed from to make up for poor investment performance- in order to make sure that government employees are golden.

In another case in California, the Poway Unified School District is...

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