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Makes me Want to "Holla"

3129 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 1:09 PM
All proposed utopias require dictators with absolute power over the individual. Whether it is a god or a government, submission by the people to such absolute authority means that all rights and freedoms become non-existent. Such people ultimately get the life they deserve. Impeach Obama and Reid. Viva la revolucion.
In the 15th century a ritual began during the final days of the Majapahit Hindu Empire in Indonesia known as Yadnya Kasada.  According to legend a princess and her husband settled at the foot of Mount Bromo on East Java.  Their paradise was empty as they were unable to have children so the couple prayed to the mountain gods.

Their prayers were answered. They would be blessed with children but had to agree to sacrifice the last child. After 25 children the couple balked at making the ultimate sacrifice. This angered the gods who threatened the destruction of the village unless...