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Leftists Plan to Reduce Global Warming by Lowering American Living Standards

3129 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 4:23 PM
If it were not for global warming, we would not exist. The global warming cult reminds me of the Malthusians regarding over-population. Mankind cannot even control the weather, let alone influence an entire climate. Ice ages have come and gone before mankind even existed. Global warming will occur until the Earth is destroyed by the constant enlargement of the Sun into a red giant. Mankind cannot change that. Mankind can only find a way to go somewhere else. Impeach Obama. Viva la revlucion.

Regular readers may remember last year when I shared some remarkably silly data from the “Happy Planet Index,” which supposedly showed the United States ranked below very poor nations such as Cuba, Albania, and Venezuela.

It turns out that nations got lower grades based on their energy consumption. And since energy usage is one of the key indicators of prosperity, that explains why the United States also trailed such global garden spots as Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Moldova, and Tajikistan.

Well, the authors of the Happy Planet Index are not the only ones who explicitly embrace stagnation and decline as a...

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