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Buying Obama: How the UAW Got the Best Investment Returns in History

3129 Wrote: May 04, 2012 4:04 PM
Obama bailed on the stockholders, and bailed out the UAW, whereupon UAW "donated" 27 million to Obama. It's called a kickback. Our tax dollars at work. Fire All Incumbents. Viva la revolucion.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent expose by Sharon Terlep about how Obama’s economic policies end up as bad investments- for the rest of us.

You know? The 99 percent non-bailout people.

OK, it’s really not about that.

It’s about how even the worst union workers and plants under the UAW bailout got bailed out, while great workers at productive plants got the shaft- because they weren’t UAW shops.

Reports Terlep:

In the end, "we had to take care of our own members," says Cal Rapson, the former UAW vice president leading negotiations with GM. "It was...

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