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Britain's Strategy

3129 Wrote: May 10, 2012 4:46 PM
The French and the Russians have the same problem. The great empires of the 19th century are obsolete. The third world is no longer worth exploiting, and socialism has destroyed the need for third world products because private enterprise is now deserting the U.S. and Europe. Remove All Incumbent RIONOs. Viva la revolucion.

Britain controlled about one-fourth of the Earth's land surface and one-fifth of the world's population in 1939. Fifty years later, its holdings outside the British Isles had become trivial, and it even faced an insurgency in Northern Ireland.

Britain spent the intervening years developing strategies to cope with what poet Rudyard Kipling called its "recessional," or the transient nature of Britain's imperial power. It has spent the last...