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Alan Colmes is the face of the modern dem enabler I put on all the rest of them. I'm sure he was a 'momma's boy' who made a practice of arrogantly irritating everybody, and then scurrying for cover behind any unsuspecting authority type figure, who was typically uninvolved but close at hand. He has probably and deservedly been the butt of many jokes and pranks throughout his life...
The RNC had better figure out that there are many like me, who will no longer be a part of their party, if they offer another McCain, Romney or Christie type candidate. I want no part of the failure these moderate conservatives did/are promoting..albeit at only about half the speed of the DNC's trip to the same destination...
It's about time we started fighting back...
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Affirmative Action Polling

2Quick4U Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 2:04 AM
I think you're both right. He's lacking in experience, but he was smart enough to 'ride the waves in' that were produced by the perfect storm the left created. He's on his own independent mission now, and it's against Western Culture-specifically America since it's the biggest..and easiest since he has been given the power to possibly knock us down a few notches. When these incredibly irresponsible things he and the left are pushing fail, and they will, his wish(s) will have come to fruition as a side effect...
If they can just 'nurse' this thing along a little bit longer..and get just a few conservatives to show any interest in attempting to fix this mess(that can't be), we will start hearing the "too big to fail" cries...
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Take Aim at the Real Enemy

2Quick4U Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 12:51 AM
When I finished reading this I was disappointed, in both the author and more importantly the msg-I thought I had accidentally cross-linked to a Karl Rove pc. Then I read the comments..I'm glad I'm not the only one who would rather go down swinging for my principles-2 wrongs never have, and more importantly never will, make it right.
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Why Miley Cyrus Matters

2Quick4U Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 6:48 PM
It's the same scenario w/pro athletes, politicians, and anyone else who's guilty of the out-of-control 'do as I say, not as I do' groups, who now are continuing to selfishly capitalize on the 'if it feels go do it'/'make love not war' childish mantra(s). Show a little 'restraint'..why me???
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A Truly Great Phony

2Quick4U Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 11:25 AM
Obama has never passed the adolescent stage of life, where you figure out many of the ideals you held as an innocent/ignorant youth are totally unachievable, and typically counter productive. The hypocrisy they engage in to achieve their goals is the illustration of why their ideas will never work..incredible!!!
I've often thought about what you suggest. Using a kind of reverse Cloward Pivens to 'underwhelm' the system by cutting off what they need and count on to keep their boondogles and giveaways flowing smoothly every day..$$$'s. Can they declare 'martial law'..NO-who are the 'foot soldiers' they would need to enforce this? Our military and police force, who is comprised of our own family, friends, and other oppressed citizens. We do all pay our taxes voluntarily, in a sense, and there are many methods available to stop or cut back what you pay in daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. A very very small percentage of people engaging in this would def eclipse the capacity to effectively punish everyone, while potentially being extremely disruptive to 'business as usual' for these elite and self-serving politicians...
Beautifully put-probably the only way..and perhaps the last chance also..for us to force these elected idiots to start paying attention to us. It's pathetic on our part though, that we ever allowed it get this far to begin with. Why is it so hard for (so) many to remember..'rust never sleeps'.
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