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The Turret Gunner Was a She

2nd Fundamentalist Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:49 PM
active duty was over. I met my obligation and the government met its by letting me become a civilian again. I did not enjoy the Marine Corps (except for the rifle range in boot camp), but I’m proud to have served.

Martin Dempsey, the Army general who's now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was a division commander when he got to Baghdad in 2003 and climbed into a Humvee for his first trip off base. "I asked the driver ... who he was (and) where he was from," the general remembers, "and I slapped the turret gunner around the leg and I said, 'Who are you?' And she leaned down and said, 'I'm Amanda.'

"And I said, 'Ah, OK.' So female turret gunner protecting division commander."

One of the things that makes a good commander is the speed with which...