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David, I agree a civil war is coming, perhaps not in my lifetime, but within the next 50 years. Liberals will confiscate guns. They've already made "assault weapons" illegal in New York and Connecticut, but the governors there don't have the cojones to confiscate those weapons yet. When a dictator does, then the sh** will hit the fan. We will need a good percentage of the current military on our side, as there will always be myrmidons.
Well, now, we were winning in Iraq when Bush left office. And, Bush was doing another surge in Afghanistan toward the end of his presidency. As for the damaged financial system, it was mainly Democrats pushing for the banks to loosen lending requirements to low-income people so that "everybody can own a home." You liberals like to revise history.
What do you mean? They couldn't tell in 2008 that he was a liar? They're in Montana, and most likely gun owners. Didn't they read what the NRA was printing about Obama then? NRA members knew he was not a friend of the 2nd Amendment, even though he said, "I support the 2nd Amendment." Sure! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Now, even some liberals realize he's a chronic liar, as well as being incompetent and gutless. At least W had guts and he stood for good principles.
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This has got to be the most corrupt, lyingest, spineless, and witless administration in U.S. history. Of course, they were put in by the ING crowd, as in Ill-informed, Naïve, and Gullible voters. Whether we, as a majority, ever come to our senses---I don’t know. Watters World on O’Reilly’s The Factor captured the stupidity of too many people. Watters asked this young woman on some beach, “So, who were we fighting in the Revolutionary War in 1776?” She replies, “Uh, China?” Watters should have asked one more question. “Do you vote?”
Look, Obama treats the White House as a great big resort, and by God, he and his family are there to have fun! That's why he's never there during a crisis. Look at Benghazi, look at Iraq, Obama is always on vacation, golfing, campaigning, or partying with the liberal, rich elites. Govern? Why, why . . . that's impossible for a character who voted "Present" the bulk of his time in the U.S. Senate. He has no backbone. And, his principles are those of a leftist who believes everybody should be well off, even if we have to bankrupt the businesses and government to do it.
I remember Biden, in the first few months of the Obama administration, saying something like, "Wow! We'll be remembered for a stable Iraq!" Talking about lying through his teeth. It was W's surge that made Iraq stable, when it was turned over to the Obama administration. Obama is a fool; he let victory and stability slip away. And so we have chaos. Now, we'll have another reason to remember Obama and his administration on Iraq. How to Lose a Country in Five Easy Steps! I pity the poor Iraqi citizens who had freedom and peace for a while.
To rephrase Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech, that African Americans be judged on the content of their ability and skills rather than the color of their skin for employment in the high tech industry and boardrooms.
Personally, I would have liked to have taken the shotgun from the criminal, load it, then shoot him in the gonads and stomach and make him suffer. Would that land me in jail?
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2nd Fundamentalist Wrote: May 27, 2014 1:36 AM
"It was also an irresponsible and catastrophic decision of the American voters to elect as president someone who would let that happen, basing their votes on rhetoric and racial symbolism." Ah yes, so the majority of voters made their decision based on the smooth talk of a demagogue in black skin rather than determining what he actually stood for. That decision will come to haunt this country for decades to come. It will come to pass in terms of perhaps another world war where all these millennial men or their sons will be drafted to fight. You do not face down bullies (or bullying nations or ideologies) by showing weakness. And, if the Left succeeds in getting politicians to start confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, civil war will ensue. I guess I'm not very optimistic. But, hey, I'll probably be dead by then.
No, the robbers were illiterate!
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