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Personally, I would have liked to have taken the shotgun from the criminal, load it, then shoot him in the gonads and stomach and make him suffer. Would that land me in jail?
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2nd Fundamentalist Wrote: May 27, 2014 1:36 AM
"It was also an irresponsible and catastrophic decision of the American voters to elect as president someone who would let that happen, basing their votes on rhetoric and racial symbolism." Ah yes, so the majority of voters made their decision based on the smooth talk of a demagogue in black skin rather than determining what he actually stood for. That decision will come to haunt this country for decades to come. It will come to pass in terms of perhaps another world war where all these millennial men or their sons will be drafted to fight. You do not face down bullies (or bullying nations or ideologies) by showing weakness. And, if the Left succeeds in getting politicians to start confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, civil war will ensue. I guess I'm not very optimistic. But, hey, I'll probably be dead by then.
No, the robbers were illiterate!
I propose we have a gated community composed of all liberals. We would let convicted murderers/rapists out in halfway houses in those communities. These criminals could not leave the community, but regular folks (liberals) could come and go as they please. They just have to reside with convicted murderers/rapists, who would not be supervised. And, oh, since liberals hate guns, no guns for them. Wow! A wonderful social experiment! (One more thing, I would let the children live elsewhere, since they are not responsible for their parents' liberalism.)
Should be " . . . continue the fight to REIN in the executive branch . . . "
True, the Democrats, in the main, want to strip away our freedoms. The greatest freedom afforded Americans is the right to keep and bear arms, in defense of self against criminals and tyrants. Without the 2nd Amendment, we would only be serfs, slaves, and victims. The Left believes that the 2nd Amendment was only for arming the militia. Well, almost every able-bodied man in those days was in the militia. In the 1700s, if you lived on the frontier or even a middling distance away, would you forgo being armed against Indian raids? Don't think so. The Left and Right may just one day clash via force of arms, unless freedom-loving Democrats wake up. Unfortunately, I'm not too optimistic.
No taxation without cessation!
" . . . these U.S. Presidents could have found a way to express their admiration for Garcia Marquez’ art without so warmly embracing the wretched artist himself." True. I did not like "One Hundred Years of Solitude," but "Love in the Time of Cholera" is one of the best novels I have ever read. I did not know of his Communist sympathies until after he died. A talented, but flawed man.
Well, my fellow conservatives, after all these many months, the truth is finally starting to come out, in spite of the lamestream media. Still, I wouldn't get my hopes up that any of the Democrats in this administration will be held accountable. As I argued with a liberal just before the election when I told her, "What about Benghazi?" She replied, "You're just being political!" I said, "You can't tell when he's (Obama) lying, can you?" So, those Obama supporters will tune out Benghazi as just another conservative witch hunt by racists. And the lamestream media will abet this administration.
Ah, yes. Liberals believe the world is a benign place. Conservatives know better. The liberal media continue to advise female domestic violence victims to get a restraining order. Unfortunately, these poor women are probably liberals and hang around like-minded friends and family. If they hung around conservatives, such folks would advise her to get a gun, get it soon, learn how to use it safely and responsibly, and carry it everywhere with you. That is how you minimize your chances of becoming a victim. With a gun, at least you have a fighting chance. Without it, you will die like sheep.
I remember when Ruby Ridge and Waco occurred. Remember, then, all we had was the lamestream media. Randy Weaver was painted as a white supremacist and The Branch Davidians as child molesters by the media. Only when I attended a local gun show did I learn that an ATF agent had bought a shotgun 1/8" short of the legal limit of 18" from Weaver and thus precipitated the violence. Ah, those Democrats. Both Janet Reno and Bill Clinton should have been brought up on charges for murder.
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