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Hear! Hear! Let us eradicate evil, especially evil in the name of God.If you cannot condemn the mindless slaughter of innocent women and children, then you have no moral fiber in your body. Because of Obama's decision to pull American troops from Iraq, many innocent Iraqi citizens have died. Now Obama is claiming it wasn't his decision. I have a new slogan. "People died. Obama lied." This applies to Benghazi too.
Well, I can't sympathize with the Millennials. It seems a great majority of them voted for Obama. You should own your vote, i.e., suffer or benefit from your vote. In this case, it is suffer your vote. And, boy, does it seem like they're suffering. In our neighborhood, I see the many adult children living with their parents. The only bad thing, of course, is that these misguided voters are pulling down the rest of the country in so many ways.
Now, now, Kurt. Let's not lump all of us Volvo (240, 740, 940) lovers into the liberal gene pool. I also bicycle and drink Starbucks. But, I'm a conservative, gun-rights guy who supports Israel, traditional marriage, capital punishment, a strong military, fiscal responsibility (personal and government), and defeating Democrats. Another interesting year is shaping up. Hope we are not disappointed in November.
Redford only needs to convince New York authorities that he wishes to relocate Sundance (a Utah company) to New York state. Why, then, his business will be tax free for 10 years! Of course, beware the fine print (year #11+)!
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Oh Mama! Jesse the Baby Ventura

2nd Fundamentalist Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 11:42 PM
Well, there must be something wrong with the majority of Minnesotans, first for electing Ventura as governor (and Al Franken as U.S. Senator), and then for a Minnesota jury to award $1.8 million to Ventura. There must be a special kind of Kool-Aid in those 10,000 lakes. I mean, whose word would you trust? That of a 9/11 Truther or that of a well-respected warrior, who also stood up for women (Kyl once decked a customer who slapped a waitress).
Execute forthwith! Like now! No mercy! May they rot in Hell!
Yes, the 2nd Amendment is passe, the last woman essentially said. The founding fathers could not have imagined today's world. If that is so, we should get rid of the 1st amendment too. While we're at it, why don't we get rid of all of the Bill of Rights and institute a dictatorship? That way, she could be thrown in jail, or worse, for speaking her mind.
What do you expect? A leftist's brain is scrambled, and he/she can't think straight. Why . . . why . . . maybe elections will be fair now, instead of having the Democrats steal them by hook and crook.
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

2nd Fundamentalist Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 11:39 AM
Voter fraud will continue with the Democrats until those responsible go to federal prison for 10 years. Voter fraud strikes at the heart of our democratic republic.
David, I agree a civil war is coming, perhaps not in my lifetime, but within the next 50 years. Liberals will confiscate guns. They've already made "assault weapons" illegal in New York and Connecticut, but the governors there don't have the cojones to confiscate those weapons yet. When a dictator does, then the sh** will hit the fan. We will need a good percentage of the current military on our side, as there will always be myrmidons.
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