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Gold Down On Dollar Surge

2ndamendment Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 3:34 PM
OK Chris, What effect if any (wink, wink) to gold would 1. Romney wins 2. Obama wins.

A sudden surge of the dollar against foreign currencies sent commodities on an unexpected tumble in overnight trading. 

Gold was down $7.40 in early trading to $1,592.80 and silver was off $0.27 to $27.55, maintaining our bizarrely steady silver/gold ratio at 57.8.  Commodities were lower pretty much across the board with gold and silver being joined to the downside by crude oil, copper, platinum and palladium. 

Gold under $1,600 is an unexpected surprise but the good news is you can move ahead with your regular buy if you can lock in your price before it bounces back up.  Where...

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