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Why We Lined Up at Chick-fil-A

2muchcmncents Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 6:10 PM
Thanks for telling the truth Tea Party in Wisconsin, I agree totally!! I was so pis*ed with McCain, Graham, and Bohner that I could spit nails. I think all those guys are schizophrenic and need to be helped out of their positions. I supported McCain the last go around and I deserve the title "dunce" for doing so, and I suspect that Sarah Palin did too for reasons of allegiance; it won't happen again on my part. We can't afford to play the game of see no evil, hear no evil anymore and need to look at all the threats clearly, those that are real and happening in front of our face, those on the verge of reality, and everything in-between. Anything else is suicidal, and that's all Michelle and the other Congressmen did and I applaud them!!