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I am not racist; I don't like His white half either.
I am a member of the NRA however I do not agree with Wayne LaPierre. I don't want to see government agents posted at schools. But I think your description of armed guards as being sitting ducks is absurd. A "gun-free" is a shooting gallery and makes anyone in it a "sitting duck."
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"All About a Video"?

2ColPic Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 5:54 PM
Gimme a break. I know American men have become feminized and we have grown a whole generation of sissies who always look for some way to have their feelings hurt. But Muslims? Come on! Are we really supposed to believe that all those rough and rugged, camel riding, womanizing, head-chopping, suicide-bombing barbarians got their sensitive little feelings hurt over a stupid video?
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