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U.S.-Russia Clash in Ukraine?

259DPA Wrote: Feb 03, 2015 12:27 PM
So far I haven't seen anything that indicates the U.S. is considering using our military forces to engage the Russian invaders. What's being discussed is simply providing weapons to the Ukranians to defend themselves against Russian tanks and artillery. It raises the cost to Putin, who has to explain all the new coffins arriving, and drives home the idea that gee, maybe the world really doesn't like me invading another country?
No. No. No. As far as I know, Jeb Bush is a fine man and would make a great president, but with all the vitriol that followed George W (and I personally thought he was a good President), running another Bush - ANY Bush - would guarantee a Democrat victory, and the country can't afford that.
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Is Law Optional?

259DPA Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 12:28 PM
Too late for that. Dear Leader has already seized that title.
Let me see if I'm tracking. Ms Saunders says that she believes the officer would have stopped two white kids walking down the middle of the road? And almost immediately afterward points out that cars were swerving around the two walking down the middle of the road - I guess he wouldn't have stopped the white kids because he didn't care if they got run over, or were interfering with traffic. Sorry, it just doesn't compute. The long and short of this case is that Michael Brown would just be another incarcerated felon if he hadn't decided that he needed to assault a police officer and try to snatch is pistol. Life's hard - it's just harder (and shorter) if you're stupid.
Ms. Harris - thank you for an excellent article. I was a criminal investigator in the Army, and found that the majority of rapes I investigated were the result of young women making some incredibly stupid decisions. I'm from the old school and believe that a "no" actually means that, but it's not blaming the victim to wish that some women would learn that making yourself an easy target is probably not the best idea. Rape is a reprehensible crime, but changing your mind afterwards doesn't make sex into rape.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dear Leader actually believed that he could raise the dead.
I'm curious as to what voter suppression laws Zen might be talking about. Would it be the ones that require a minimal effort to provide a legitimate ID? I'm not at all clear how that suppresses anything except fraudulent voters. As to destroying labor unions, more of that blame goes to unions themselves than the dreaded "right wingers" that Zen references. You can Google "union violence" and turn up hundreds of incidents of assault and murder annually by union thugs. And teachers' unions have amply demonstrated that they are far more concerned with advancing their own pecuniary and tenure interests than doing anything to help students. Perhaps Paltry's (intentional) effort to identify with the working poor is admirable, but it's pretty clear that she has absolutely no connection to reality when she does. Perhaps if she was indeed one of the working poor entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to comply with EPA,IRS, ATF, and the rest of the alphabet soup regulations she would have more credibility.
Actually, the title of the article should have been "Steve Chapman Lives in a Different America". Ref the line "Republican legislators in state after state have adopted laws aimed at preventing blacks from voting." Oh, please. Passing laws that require minimal efforts at identification are aimed at ensuring that elections are conducted as fairly as possible. And truthfully, anyone not willing to put out the effort probably improves the electoral process by not voting.
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