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Actually, the title of the article should have been "Steve Chapman Lives in a Different America". Ref the line "Republican legislators in state after state have adopted laws aimed at preventing blacks from voting." Oh, please. Passing laws that require minimal efforts at identification are aimed at ensuring that elections are conducted as fairly as possible. And truthfully, anyone not willing to put out the effort probably improves the electoral process by not voting.
I wish Mr. Shapiro had not allowed Pier's use of the term "assault rifle". An assault rifle, by its very definition, is fully automatic. The weapons they are talking about are semi-automatic rifles, nothing more, and nothing less. We should never allow our opponents to use inaccurate words to attack our position. If a semi-automatic rifle in .223 caliber is classified as an "assault rifle", what does that make the Ruger .22 semi-auto, or the Marlin .22, or the Remington? It's just the camel trying to get his nose under the tent.
Regrettably, Mrs. Marsden's comments are straight out of Hollywood, and buttressed by old and questionable data. Her reliance on what I presume is pepper spray (based on her description) is naive and optimistic. As a police officer over four decades, I've seen it fail. But then, if she's content with that, that's her choice. It doesn't mean it should be mine (it certainly won't), nor does it mean it should be yours. S.L.A. Marshal's study has been questioned with good reason ever sicne it's publication, and she would do better to read "On Killing" by Dave Grossman. She also conveniently chooses to ignore a wealth of documentation (even from government sources) that firearms are routinely and effectively used in self defense.
How is that so many people are missing the point of the article? It has nothing to do with Republicans, the war in Iraq, or obama's unfunded mandates. It simply points out that unions rely on intimidation and thuggery to achieve and maintain their stranglehold on compulsory donations from their members. I guess if you can't argue the facts, change the subject.
Absolutely! Romney should release his tax returns just as soon as Obama releases his college records! A charge has been made, and we want to see the records. You don't have to show them, but then again WE don't HAVE to vote for Beloved Leader then--get it?
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Gridlock and Gun Control

259DPA Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:36 PM
"One armed civilian could have potentially caused more damage as well." With all due respect, I just don't consider that a good reason for an armed citizen NOT intervening. The citizien MIGHT have caused more damage, but the criminal DEFINITELY will cause more damage if not eliminated ASAP. It appears to me that liberals tend to worry more about DOING something, as opposed to conservatives who worry about what will happen if the DON'T DO SOMETHING. In Boiling Springs, S.C., (2012) an armed citizen stopped a deranged man with a shotgun who kicked open a door. Two armed students in 2002 captured a gunman at the Allalachian School of Law. Many more examples, too little space.
You may not like the idea, but if gay marriage is unopposed by 39% these days, 61% are opposed. America is not on board with this unnatural idea.
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