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What Our Leaders Wrought: Boehner Cries and Obama Lies

25800 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 10:02 AM
Real men can cry, but we have a president who can't tell the truth and blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. obama has known the day of reckoning was coming, and he has waited till the end to do anything! obama doesn't know how to make a deal, he only knows how to demonize and campaign he doesn't care who gets hurt, everything is political from a speech with a back drop of children after the Sandy Hook shooting to a back drop of first responder for sequestration claiming the sky will fall if a 2.3% cut of an increase in spending happens !The real story is simple obama thinks that he can get one over on the Republicans and take over the House, by blaming a made-up crisis on them for not signing on to more taxes, and the losers are US

twfox wrote: Jan. 24,2013 - Bobby Jindal urges the GOP to "stop being the stupid party"---hmmmm. And now you knuckle draggers want to call the Presidents supporters stupid? Good luck with that! - The Big, Big Government Push

Dear Comrade Fox,

You apparently don’t know the context in which Jindal was talking about “stop being the stupid party.”

What Jindal is referring to are the candidates who made bizarre comments during the election, like Todd Akin the Missouri Republican, who said this about the odds of getting pregnant from rape: “From what I understand from doctors,...