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Rush Limbaugh: 'I am ashamed of my country'

25800 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 10:18 AM
You nailed it and they say liberals are slow! Mooshelle has had life handed to her because she isn't afraid to play the race card! Now Mooshelle thinks she is American royalty on the American taxpayers dime, the day she said she was proud, was the day I was Ashamed and when you wakeup to the fact you will be too!
Real men can cry, but we have a president who can't tell the truth and blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. obama has known the day of reckoning was coming, and he has waited till the end to do anything! obama doesn't know how to make a deal, he only knows how to demonize and campaign he doesn't care who gets hurt, everything is political from a speech with a back drop of children after the Sandy Hook shooting to a back drop of first responder for sequestration claiming the sky will fall if a 2.3% cut of an increase in spending happens !The real story is simple obama thinks that he can get one over on the Republicans and take over the House, by blaming a made-up crisis on them for not signing on to more taxes, and the losers are US
But your way isn't the politically correct, panneta must have watched GI Jane before he made the statement the other day not knowing that GI Jane was fiction like 0 dark 30 ! I think this administration care more about pandering to its base than to National Security, so this fits right into the obama doctrine of taking the USA from a World Power.
Now you know why obama and the rest of the liberal left wants all the guns confiscated! When the masses find out how badly they have been screwed!
It was great that hillary took responsibility, but for what ? Hillary didn't select rice to do the Sunday morning news, she wasn't informed about security concerns at the embassy in Benghazi, blamed lack of security on lack of funding, then recited the party line on { that there wasn't enough time to saves the 2 ex Seals lives}! The left used their time to kiss the SOSASS & the right failed to ask the correct questions! When one congressman was getting to close, hillary used an obvious rehearsed anger line to use up the remaining time! All & all it was a waste of time & taxpayer money, hillary wasn't going to say anything that was going to implicate her or affect her chances for the 2016 presidential race!
I would say that this poll shows that 99% of obamas base is not informed nor cares as long as they are taken care of!
Maybe because the subject is gun control for starters ! But after obama bans guns your question will be relevant along with hammers, machetes and don't forget high capacity nail guns!
I hope that my Doctor doesn't over step and ask me if I own firearms or not , because I will tell him that it's non of his business or obamas either. This president is over stepping his authority and is infringing on civil rights, obama would not require my doctor to ask anyone if they are a homosexuals or if they were card carrying liberals, both I feel are more deadly than assault weapons! I personally don't believe in guns, I do believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights & its Amendments. My doctor & obama the legal scholar might need some legal advice before they start asking if anyone owns a gun, I don't think malpractice covers infringing on ones civil rights !
It's ok for obama to use other peoples kids to make the liberal point, but it's off limits to mentions the obama spawn to counter the accusation! We as taxpayers pay 1.2 Billion a year to protect and maintain the first Family, yet the liberal obama administration is reluctant to put armed police or teachers in schools to give other peoples children the same protection!
I don't think the NRA was out of line my saying the obamas kids have better protection than other American kids, because obama used other peoples kids as a backdrop for his anti second amendment speech ! During the campaign the obama's reelection went after Mitt Romney wife, but of course MOOschele is off limits !
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