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Why I Just Joined the NRA

24242 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 2:05 AM
"I’ll be glad to give up my guns when the elites in D.C. and Hollywood agree to disarm their bodyguards. And when President Obama stops sending his precious little girls to the exclusive Sidwell Friends School, which has a 9-person armed security force." even then...

I’m not your typical NRA member. I’m Jewish, Ivy League educated (Columbia University, Class of ’83, President Obama’s classmate), and have been a member of the mainstream media (I started my career as an anchorman and host for CNBC, then called Financial News Network). Also unusual, I joined the NRA in the days after the Sandy Hook, Connecticut tragedy.

Here are the reasons why.

First, I believe it’s clear that our politicians have come to all the wrong conclusions. Why would we rush to ban guns, when almost all of our mass murders and most of...