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Ann272 Wrote: 2 minutes ago (10:49 PM) and the FEMA " local hires" all got permanent jobs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND . . . Chrysler donated 6 brand new Durango's to help relief people get around. The City Councilwomen commandeered Those and Handed dem Out like Candy to der Chern.
When they got here, they stepped all over themselves ( like any Govt bureaucracy ) The church groups from all over the country and the world did more, for longer, than anybody. The Animal Rescue Groups were absolutely Heroic.
That GUN GRABBIN" TUB O'SHlT Will Never See The Inside Of Our White House
Him Food Stamp Be Runnin' Low
Now U Be Talkin' Bout Rikker Mama
DaStub Be rikker
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