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I think we all agree -- one thing all citizens would agree -- is that voters should be informed. It takes effort and time, but the public can and does speak. Voting is important if not critical.
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Rubio's Time Will Come

2012Conservative Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:48 PM
I would be concerned about the media turning on a "super star." Rubio already said things about his family and Cuba that were not entirely true (he implied they left under Castro -- they left years before that). It is not as bad as Biden or Obama stuff -- but the media is not very fair (so the GOP has a higher standard to uphold). No matter who is picked, the person will be slammed. However, I'd rather go with a George H.W. Bush type pick rather than a Quayle/Agnew/Palin.
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In Praise of Discrimination

2012Conservative Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:43 PM
Stossel gets that market based solutions on health care would work. Unfortunately, many Republicans are in favor of medical care restrictions (red tape of equipment, drugs, and making it difficult to open a medical facility). These restrictions do benefit the status quo -- and they "protect" the consumers.
It is interesting that Romney's alleged antics in the 1960s are "fair game" -- but Sharpton with Tawana Brawley and Obama with Jeremiah Wright is not.
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America the Non-Racist

2012Conservative Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:36 PM
Let's not forget how "racism" was purged on the Duke campus. In other words, a lynch mob mentality is permitted. Furthermore, history is ignored. "White people" all have the same history (despite the fact that this is absolutely not true) -- and pointing this out gets you accused of racism. It is not even possible to question affirmative action on most campuses.
We already heavily regulate medical schools -- so if students could go to medical schools directly from High School (or after a year or two of college) -- provided they had the requisite knowledge that would mean two separate good things for consumers. First, a medical school education would be less expensive (and students would on average borrow less) -- thus, there would be less of a need to charge a high rate for services. Second, doctors would have 2/3/4 years of earning power (assuming retirement at a same age would be constant). Some med schools permit this now -- but if all did costs would fall.
Conservatives should use this to move in the direction of freemarket solutions to health care. First, streamline the use of new medical equipment (can you imagine how cheap MRIs would be if they were treated like high tech-non medical items). Streamline the use of inexpensive medicine -- and allow for people to obtain more medicine without needing a doctor's appointment. Have a catastrophic coverage program so that middle class people do not have to be destitute in order to have coverage for expensive treatments. Limit the ability of providers to charge health insurers one rate for a procedure -- but a private consumer a different rate. Lastly, encourage medical schools to not require a 4 year degree to obtain an M.D. or a D.O.
There is a shared concern of both counties of Islamist terrorists. Also, Syria (while no friend of Israel) is a secular regime. If the leadership of Syria is thrown out, it likely will be replaced by an Islamist regime (that probably will persecute Alawites and Christians).
If you really want an example of double standards, go to a University campus and see what 'freedoms' really exist. Study what happened on the Duke campus about 5 years ago. Unlike facebook, the government provides huge subsidies to Universities (directly with state institutions, and indirectly with private ones through grants and loans). On college campuses there really is no such thing as freedom of speach -- and nobody really cares. There are alternatives to Facebook -- there are few alternatives in education (yes, there are a few conservative Universities -- but these are very small percentage of Universities -- and none of the 'elite' ones are really included).
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Legal Illegal Immigration

2012Conservative Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 7:41 PM
When a country is a 'democracy' -- but it has a large number of poor people -- the majority of those people will vote for political parties that are Socialist. South Africa, Venezuela and Brazil are three examples that come to mind. Even if these people may agree with traditional social issues (like marriage, abortion, religious expression) -- Democrats will often accomodate those positions when they have an electorate that has those beliefs.
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