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AND that it was at free/reduced cost. I know how much value is placed, by most recipients, on free/cheap things compared to value of things that one had to struggle to earn.
OH, Boy! and all I have to do is give all my money to the government to spend (maybe not as wisely as they have been wasting it), drive all producers out of the country, and pretend the founding documents never existed? It makes me glad that the fools in charge of running/implementing this sort of scam, proved their capabilities with the obamacare fiasco.
I wonder what the next Get-Rich-Quick scheme for the Elites will be. 'Bout time for a new "Global-cooling-because-the-Earth-is-moving-away-from-the-Sun, so-everybody-in-darkness-exhale-up, and-don't-breathe-in-until-you-are-in-sunlight-again" hat-trick. Also works for Agenda-21 Overpopulation!
Interesting comments. I'm not sure of the value of his opinion, other than knowing it MUST be closer to 'objective reality,' than what my government tells me.
but to some, it inspires envy and destruction.
You made me chuckle!
I wish I had the time to watch every mansion in LV to make sure that no-one has ever slept in that house, (but I also have neighbors who know better than I, what I do in my home). It IS a Veblen Good, and rental would diminish its value.
I disagree, they CAN afford ancillary services, you're STILL paying your taxes, aren't you?
I guess you have forgotten that "(the owner) didn't build that house." The ONLY person who ever did do anything (including not pay for his Ivy-League education but-those-records-are-sealed) now puts his feet on the desk in the WH. What progress we have allowed progressives to achieve. It is only fair that they decide what to do with a Hong-Kong man's money, since 'THEY' are deciding what they do with YOURS!
It's not being used to its 'full potential.' Haven't you been reading your Agenda 21 primers? (NBC, CBS, ABC, newspapers) It's integral to Common Core brainwashing to have peons live concentrated, and displays of owning more than the hoi-polloi are restricted to the elites. Get with the program ... or the program will get you.
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