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ACLU seems at times to be Anti-american Civil Liberties Union. We need a real American group.
Everybody knows that Susan Rice was lying about Benghazi when repeating what Killary had said.
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NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

1uncle Wrote: 15 hours ago (3:53 PM)
'NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS' I'll go along with that if you will agree that Ex-Lax created Pinocchiobama.
NObama is using Sharpton as an adviser. Hasn't he always used this plug ugly dummy. Remember Brawley? She lied like NObama.
Hard Head Mathews still around? Black people kill black people. Dummy.
The gov. made Bank of America buy Countrywide and has now fined BofA billions for what Countrywide did.
Ludicrous. NObama showing his qualifications.
NObama was a bad mistake. Elected by people wanting more freebies. Almost $18 trillion debt and growing hourly. More tax users crossing the unguarded border daily because of Pinocchiobama creating more demo voters to keep the liars and thieves in office. A new government MUST do something to change this insanity.
'Obama’s Goal is to Build a Permanent One Party System'. Create millions more dummies on welfare? Who will pay the taxes to support them?
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