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'Obama Admin: Israel Could Do More to Protect Civilians in Gaza'. Sure Idiot, just tell Israel how to stop being a target for your friends.
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She Will Be Crowned: Hillary 2016

1uncle Wrote: 21 hours ago (1:54 PM)
Elect another lying piece as unqualified as the current piece.
We must get Fed.Gov. out of things that are none of it's business. WE MUST stop paying low IQ's to have babies to support themselves on welfare creating lo info voters.
Sick of Pinocchiobama. Elect an American and be sure it's one who acts like an American.
Power mad demos. Get rid of career politicians. Limit congress to eight years. Change senate to four year terms.
Just more bs. Israel gives advance notice for rockets coming. It's Pinocchiobama's muslims that give no warming and fire rockets into Israel.
How did Pinocchiobama get a teaching job. He hasn't proven that he went to collage. The only thing wrong with the Constitution is that it allowed this unknown nobody to become President and do all this damage. This should be fixed.
The presidents appointees are high priced yes-men and then there is Lois Lerner, the yes-woman. Does she hide under his desk?
Pinocchiobams harming all Americans by overtaxing, making health care even more expensive, bringing more aliens to live off welfare adding to growing debt and making the dollar worth less and less just to make more demo voters AND still letting the dumbest support themselves having demo babies to help keep lying career politicians in office to spend the worthless newly printed paper money.
' leaving middle class families to foot the bill' Not necessary, So much taxes wasted buying votes to keep lying career politicians in office. Politicians living like Kings. The 'buma's are a horrible waste.
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