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Don't think I will ever understand it. What is the left-wing media getting out of it? NBC? Etc.? What would the left-wing media lose by being honest? Anybody?
Again. The 2nd amendment was added to protect us from big government like the one we finally have. And NOW somebody wants to remove that protection from a lying, power mad, probably illegal Resident in the WH. NO MORE executive orders on important things. NO dictators.
Give Ebola to Killary. See if she can find a cure for her first accomplishment.
NO. I saved what I thought would be more than enough but those savings, like private SS would do, does not buy near what it did when I saved it. Socialist demos waste so much taxes that the spending caused inflation makes the dollar worth less and less. Most of the demo waste is buying the votes of all their special interest groups. Also giving money to unfriendly countries, allowing misfit tax users into the country and worse bringing muslims into the country, Pinocchiobama a terrible mistake.
Sarcasm ? Nobody would trust Holder any more than Killary would trust Sick Willie if she cared.
LBJ. Breed on welfare, buying votes. Mostly single women, b$stds. Ruin USA. Socialism has never worked. USSA going down.
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Land of the Free?

1uncle Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 4:23 PM
As long as socialist demos are allowed to buy votes with our taxes and favoring laws for some groups, We will continue declining. Again, we must get politics out of government. Limit time in congress to eight years. NO special benefits. NO more welfare check for each child after two. NO more uneducated, unskilled aliens allowed in to buy their votes with free welfare. States must limit big Fed.Gov. passing amendments to Constitution.
We should have fenced Pinocchiobama OUT of the country. Send him back to Kenya.
Pinocchiobama elected by dummies bred on welfare for the purpose of electing incompetent socialists to high office. One stupidity after another. Lie after lie.
ACLU seems at times to be Anti-american Civil Liberties Union. We need a real American group.
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