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Last night in the debate Candy Crowley showed America her true colors, and they're blue. The Liberal Media might as well be wearing Obama pins.
I love the irony with this, liberals always talking about Tolerance yet they harass people -call us bigots, racist, and hate mongers.
However, the following is obviously hateful and anti-liberal, "22) ...You wouldn't have terrorists, communists, and people who hate America teaching at our universities." What terrorist acts have been committed by universities? charles whiteman Rainer Klaus virgina tech shootings just to name afew
conservatives tell the truth and don't make up lies or slant it?
I just like the idea of the federal government superseding state laws that are made. The States should have their rights.
The Government in general should only worry about National Defense and Energy, everything else should be privatized IMO.
Was also thinking the 14th Amendment would be repealed and thus the 10th would hold its weight again like it did once. Other then that this would be great if it would happen, but its not a perfect world. Lets just hope in time it comes to this.
Yesterday (Aug 1st) was not about Bigorty, it was about standing up for free speech in this country. You can twist this anyway you please to suit your cause but your wrong in what you truly believe, or want to believe are the facts. Every American has the right to say what they want to say in this great Nation aslong if it is not vulgar or hateful. Standing up for American values like family and patriotism is but a stepping stone in bring back America to the way it should be and was for years before the Liberals screwed everything up.
I watched the first few seconds of this video, and it goes to show how immature Libreals really are. Get off your high horse and show some respect you hypocrite for your fellow American just doing her job. Thats a new low right there.
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