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Chuck Colson, Sin, and the Power of Love

1morethot Wrote: May 01, 2012 3:44 PM
Thank you, Ms Hagelin, for an accurate and articulate summary of a truly transformed life. Chuck Colson has left behind organizations that will continue the Lord's work. His vision for re-establishing a Christian worldview in America and beyond will bear an impact for good throughout the world.

Culture Challenge of the Week: Wrong Turns

The news coverage of Chuck Colson’s recent death betrayed our secular culture’s continuing discomfort with God’s power to transform hearts and lives. Colson, “born again” to a life of profound Christianity on the heels of his Watergate disgrace, founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, a life-changing ministry to prisoners and their families. He spent his life messaging the need for personal and cultural transformation in the face of sin, urging Christians to embrace and live by an authentic Christian worldview.

But our secular culture—which denies the reality of sin and the...