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Obama didn't find out about the IRS scandal (yeah right) before the general public because he was too busy looking at Jay Z's Cuba vacation photos and congratualting gay basketball players.
All that is missing is for Obama to use his favorite line: "I will not rest until............" Then, he heads to the golf course.
When liberal lies are exposed, it's never pretty...............but it's always beautiful.
Hanks is a terrific actor and I love many of his movies. However, I will never forget that he perpetuated lies in Obama's 2012 re-election propaganda movies.
The greatest risk is the silent killer - inflation. This is the risk that you do not save enough or earn enough for your wealth to outpace your cost of living. Invest steadily and significantly in equity mutual funds for the long term. Do not be scared by the dips or greedy in the rallies.
So goes it in the age of Obama. So goes it when a free country elects a Marxist. Speaking to a graduating class should be an opportunity to express hope and optimism. It is an opportunity to insoire and motivate. Any reasonable speaker would do this. But for Obama, it's about him again. His belly aching, his complaints, his views on what is keeping us from leftist utopia. Instead of appealing to a young persons highest aspirations, Obama uses his community organizer skills to whip up fear, insecurity and division. Nice legacy, Obama.
Hey look everyone, another angry liberal who attempts to discredit rather than pose a real argument! It's old by now, Rose.
As a liberal, you should be quite used to it.
Liberals take a dim view of personal responsibility? In my experience, liberals abhor personal responsibility and avoid it like the plague.
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Why Do Radical Muslims Hate Us?

1ConservativeUSA Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 8:30 AM
Many Americans realize the threat we face from radical Islam. Many Americans also realize that our president sympathizes with, and even provides aid and comfort to radical Islam.
If I had the time, I could write all day about the left's war on women. Leftists are very angry people. Liberalism is a sickness.
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