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So glad the IRS has been entrusted with the enforcement of Obamacare! This will be the standard response when people are dying en masse and being denied healthcare. This will also be the response when the IRS starts electronically zapping money out of your personal accounts in order to pay for Obama's Big Government.
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Obama Knows Nothing

1ConservativeUSA Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 10:20 AM
So there you have it (again), leftists either lie, abhor the concept of personal responsibility, or they are stupid. Big surprise.
The point is that Jesus wants you to voluntarily distribute your wealth from your heart and mind, not because of government coercion. This is more in line with capitalism than socialism.
Mark Levin is the Patrick Henry of our time, our passionate intellectual leader on the concept of liberty.
C'mon Mr. Brown, don't you know that only people who want to uphold our Constitution and restore our founding principles, like Ted Cruz, are terrorists? Haven't you been watching msnbc lately?
Well done, Mr. Barber. This is the country of which I'd like to be a citizen one day. We'll keep tyring to persuade those who would argue with the truth.
Liberals have no capacity for personal responsibility. When you understand this simple truth, then it's easier to understand things like the phony Zimmerman outrage, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, profilgate government spending, running up the national debt, false arguments, deceitful campaigns, voter fraud, etc...
Liberals are the ones who say: She's only 5, you can'y expect her to have manners and play nice with others yet. She's only 10, you can't place boundaries and consequences on her behavior. She's only thirteen, you can't discipline her yet. She's only 19, give her a chance to get an education. She's only 26, she can't be expected to get her own health insurance yet. She's 65, you can't expect her to pay her costs of living by herself. You get the idea. And on it goes, from the left.
Just parent your children and they'll be OK. Simply tell them not to smoke pot, refer to themselves as "No Limit N*gga" and walk around in other peoples' yards, punching people and slamming them to the ground.
Heather, learn your lesson now about leftists. Leftists don't do well with the concepts of personal responsibility and accountability. One just needs to look at the statement above by a misguided young woman, "...They almost murdered an unarmed kid in a boat,”. Yes, the poor victim Tsarnaev was, just minding his own business, trying to pursue life, liberty anh happiness by hiding in someone else's boat. It is because of their inherent character flaws and unresolved emotional issues that leftists can support a bomber who killed innocent people, and mothers who kill innocent babies via abortion.
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