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No Regulation? No Problem

19john37 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 10:39 AM
Sounds like a kindergartener's excuse after getting caught screwing up, "But, little Johnny did it , too!" And, because Bill Clinton was a scumbag, all presidents are expected to be? Wah wah wah.......pointing fingers is the NEW political tactic dujour. Only problem, NOTHING EVER GETS FIXED!

In the short time since President Obama was re-elected, government has issued hundreds of new regulations. The bureaucrats never stop. There are now more than 170,000 pages of federal regulations.

President Obama wants still more rules. Cheering on increased financial regulation, he said, "We've got to keep moving forward." To the president, and probably most Americans, "forward" means passing more laws.

It is scary to think about a world without regulation. Intuition leads us to think that without government we'd be victims of fraud, as I explain in my latest book, "No, They Can't!" But our...