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Hell no but if I was she just put her kid on with me. How would you like to defend that one in court and CPS doesn't need a court BTW, they can just walk out the door, kids in tow.
You are either young or you have no idea what CPS is and how they do their job.
CHILD ENDANGERMENT! God you guys are such MORONS!
At this point lady, that's the least of your problems. I hope they have a legal fund.
Back down? You think this is a game? I'm talking her losing her children because she is an Unfit Parent, Child Endangerment. Wake The F UP!!!
Politics hell, she thinks I'm STALKING her and she put her kid on? Are you kidding me???? She's F-ing toast, the dumbest parent I've dealt with personally on the Internet.
Why in Hell would I show up you Stupid Mormon B i t c h? Do you even have a clue what you've done tonight? Do you think this is a game? What the F planet are you living on? You are about to get a knock on the door but it won't be me. We will never meet, ever, unless they call me into court and then I will happily pay the airfare to see your children go off to people who can raise them properly. Wake The F Up!
As if I don't know who and where you are? You've told the whole damn Internet.
WTH are you talking you F-ing Mormon moron?
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