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I fear there will be bloodshed and violence no matter who wins. Mainly because conservatives have poisoned the national atmosphere with hatred, anger and vitriol, the likes of which I can't remember.....& I am old enough to have voted for McGovern
He can pay for his 5 trillion tax cut with closing loopholes and deductions
We have a chance of taking the House and will retain the Senate, which is the only body that vets judges.
Perhaps you should takema closer look at the success stories across Africa today
We care about millions of lives. People being able to afford health care, a place to live, and food on the table
Times have changed. People care more about their rights and being able to afford to eat
What is that, about 30 people? Come on...
They ALSO KNOW Repubs in Congress are deliberately keeping prices high, energy prices high, and unemployment numbers high just to screw Obama
I know one thing. Democrats are NOT going to allow Romney to appoint conservative judges if he does lie his way into the WH
national polls dont matter...... Only the swing states matter. ONLY
Nobody cares about Benghazigate except political junkies like you and beltway insiders. The average American cares about women's rights, Bin Laden being dead, and Obama saving our economy from Bush's disastrous policies.
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