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Let's talk about Romney's complete lack of respect for the Commander in Chief at the last debate. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, but there it was! Telling Obama (telling the black man lets be honest) to "sit down" (and shut up) . Chris Matthews actually said this was "unconsitutional". I wouldnt go that far, but we got to see the cold, angry creep behind the smiling facade Romney presents to the public.
Professional board spammer? I'm betting that's the only "profession" you've ever had, period.
Godfather Pizza owner (and bridge troll) John Schnatter: "Obamacare would cost us so much, we'd have to cut jobs or raise prices" The fact checkers disagree. At molst, Obamacare would add on about 15 cents to the price of a large pizza
Obama is saving the knockout punch for tomorrow nite. This has been planned well in advance. Everybody loves a "comeback kid"
Many liberals, including myself, would vote against it as well. And I believe in the sanctitty of life.
What you are all forgetting is that Obama would never intentionally put the ambassador in harm's way. Stevens was "one of our people" as Obama himself said....handpicked and a longtime liberal ally. There may have been a slip up in intelligence....there may have been mistakes made. But at a low level and certainly security at some random obscure consulate (and there are hundreds worldwide) would not merit the attention of the commander in chief. As for the terrorists, as Bill Maher said, before the week is out, the idiot who gave that "cafe" interview to the NYT will be "pink dust"
And you say the left believes in conspiracy theories? lol
I think conservative violence would take a different form. Mass shooting, perhaps? Like what happened in Aurora. More lone wolf stuff. There are a LOT of very angry, rage-filled conservative white men.....and they only thing keeping them from losing it is the chance Obama will lose. If Obama doesnt lose, then a number of them WILL snap.
Why would Obama want to make himself look bad by having the ambassador ransomed?
I fear there will be bloodshed and violence no matter who wins. Mainly because conservatives have poisoned the national atmosphere with hatred, anger and vitriol, the likes of which I can't remember.....& I am old enough to have voted for McGovern
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