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The Birds Returns: The Rerelease and The MSM Remake

1960Republican Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 8:46 PM
Well, and Gawd! I read the whole article -- one of the hardest reads I ever accomplished. I've known of and followed Hewitt, since he was on LA's PBS TV. He was good, back then. I've got a challenge for him, and most of the columnists on Townhall, "the book and beer selling website:" Get 'em on your side, or forget it. I worked in Public Relations for 40 years, made a fortune. There was nobody I could not buy I sat with Ronald Reagan at lunches, at the Bel Air Country Club, and we agreed there was nobody we couldn't buy. Ronald Reagan was our president, for eight years. Evidently, these columnists are either lying, or they are ignorant. Gawd! What a hard read this column was! Well, Hugh is a lawyer, first.
K.C.4 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 3:04 PM
Your imagination of power and influence results in proving why Dem's are so unintelligent. You repeat over and over again how hard it was to read the story. I take this to mean understand the story’s comparisons but it could be your comprehension level.
restoreliberty Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 4:47 AM
if you couldn't read that article then it only demonstrates that you are simply another low intellegence consumer of the facsist demwitcrat party
bgmk Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 11:54 PM
The Unbiased Objective Observer might cogently opine that one has the same "Gawd!" reaction to 60Repubelickum that the Brain Dead Geezer claims to have had with Hewitt's piece.
The Observant Student will note Pube appears to be slumming if WE'RE who he chooses, Fortune that he has, to talk to these days. Evidently all the folks he bought asked for a release.
One hopes, for his clients' sake, Licker was better at schmoozing people then than he has demonstrated here. Maybe he lost too many brain cells to 3 martini lunches with The Gipper, or maybe it's Alzhimers.
Or maybe he always WAS and Aszhole with more Hat than Cattle.

The Remake of Alfred Hitchcocks' 1963 classic The Birds is playing everywhere.

The original film was itself in select theaters across the country last night, part of TMC's special release of old blockbusters, and sure enough it entertained big screen audiences even as it did 49 years ago with the sudden, furious and even deadly attacks of gulls and crows on all manner of people in Bodega Bay, California, from school children to seamen to small town teacher and high society playgirl. It is too dated, too corny, to scare anymore, but it does entertain and often simply amuses for...