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Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change

1960Republican Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 6:30 AM
Early in JR's column, "...bunk that is being taught in US schools." That phrase said everything about everything. I continued reading only because I like JR's way with words. I don't know about "conservative" and "liberal." I see The Left, and the rest of us. Ever notice The Left is interested only in things (ok, "issues") that don't affect them? I like Anderson659's term, "western elitists." That covers them. They are apart from what is going on in the real world. Their cover is, "for the children." Most of them don't have any. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
caronowitz Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 7:30 AM
That such people are less likely to have children than others is probably a net benefit to mankind.
1960Republican Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 7:53 AM
car - Yes, there is that. But then, gays never have died out, somehow.
Rich L. Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 9:59 AM
That is because they are taught in school, when they are young and impressionable, that is is OK to be a homosexual (nothing gay about them). Only a sick society schools its children in depravity.

A prominent global warming scientist, Peter Gleick, who was chairman of the ethics committee at the American Geophysical Union, admitted last year that he stole some documents- and he may have forged others- from the conservative think-tank the Heartland Institute. But that’s all in a day’s work for a work-a-day climate warrior. The important thing isn’t the quest for the truth in global climate research, but, as Charlie Sheen would say, winning. With winning comes cash.   

Because for some time it’s been clear, that in the climate debate, instead of actually accomplishing something worthwhile, all the attention will be...

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