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Obama’s Outsourcing of Jobs, Foreign Policy and Debt

1949Jeep Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 2:06 AM
And let's not forget how this administration outsourced the ATF and the dept. of justice, along with hundreds of firearms to the Mexican drug cartels. How, you may ask? They provided their services in the procurement and movement of those weapons across the border. The return on this endeavor didn't include anything except a body count in both countries that will keep rising, since a lot of those weapons are still out there. Bain Capital didn't do anything as monumentally stupid as that!
The left continues to pile on Mitt Romney for allegedly outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital.

Yet the mainstream media seem curiously uninterested in reporting on “outsourcing” by the Obama Administration, which has (1) outsourced stimulus monies to create jobs in foreign nations, (2) outsourced U.S. foreign policy to U.N. and (3) outsourced our kids and grandkids financial future to pay for his unprecedented spending binge.

The Obama Stimulus has turned out to be an exercise in Venture Socialism . Unlike Venture Capitalism, in which investors risk their own capital to help companies launch and...