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WATCH: Romney Pledges to Devote ‘Every Waking Hour to Getting America Strong Again’

18mc Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 12:05 AM
Romney could easily be living the high life on his own private island not worrying or caring about any of us. But that isn't the person he is. He cares about America and loves helping people. He has experience in turning bad things into good things. Only Obama, with his politician history of making things worse, would try to taint Romney's reputation. Anyone trying to portray Romney as anything less than a charitable and successful leader, is playing the ignorant card.

It wasn’t Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech alone that knocked it out of the park last night, it was the sum of all of the speeches and videos that did. Collectively, they painted the much-needed comprehensive picture of who Mitt Romney is, what he stands for and how he can turn this country around. If the RNC was supposed to be about getting voters to know Mitt Romney -- mission accomplished.

If you missed this powerful introductory video or didn’t see it in its entirety, it’s well worth taking ten minutes out of your day to watch it now.  It...