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"Geithner: Obama's Economic Policies Have Been "Remarkably Successful," You Know" As Dr. Evil would say: RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT......
Wouldn’t it be nice if the same passion was shown by the black community to solve problems of out of wedlock birth, high crime rates, the glorification of gangster culture, being called “acting white” if you make good grades in school, high school drop out rates, etc. instead of the same old knee jerk reaction of “poor me, I’m a victim of racism”. I don’t know what happened and neither do they but it doesn’t stop the black community from making assumptions based not on facts but an almost joyous desire to validate their perceived victim-hood. While they demand vengeance for the death of a young black man by an Hispanic, how many more young black kids lose their lives in black on black crime?
"He does not have a BC either." Well, he does but it's a very poor forgery.
Yes, of course if there was enough evidence. Probable cause is not enough for a conviction, only for an arrest. My point is that we as a free society cannot imprison whomever the "mobs" deem guilty.
I hope that the prosecutor does the right thing by not charging Zimmerman. The message needs to be sent that we don't negotiate with terrorists.
These black radicals (and other so-called communist) people crack me up. They have no idea of what actual communism really is. These lazy do-nothings wouldn't last a minute in an actual communist country. No hand outs and freebies there, it's work or die. Of course they do it just to go against the grain. Maybe we can send them to N. Korea for a few months so they can experience the joys of real communism.
Yes, another case of "be careful of what you wish for". These idiots have no idea of how the economy works. They just want to go against the grain to make a statement.
"We want the complete removal of capitalism." Then what is going to pay for your food stamps and monthly "benefits" check?
"We've got to starve capitalism." Your "people" have only been a drain on capitalism. Nothing new here.
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