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Rep. Allen West: I'd Be VP If It Was the "Right Fit"

1660Patriot Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 8:46 PM
As a person who has know since his tender age what deception of the policies of saving peoples... Cuba has got to be the most obvious case of KGB blindness in America today. Some people who escaped the iron curtain's chains and the Red China guntlet would tell you how naive the mob is. Using the usual arguements against Rubio is a lame stream media reaction to the obvious... West is great, Rubio is great, Wasserman-Shultz is the ennemy of disinformation. Celebrate the choice and the freedom not the vise grip of ignorance.
James165 Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 9:04 PM
If you like Rubio so much, where do you stand on his continuous, during his legislative career, pimping for illegal aliens, constantly promoting a DREAM Act amnesty, blocking (single handedly) legislation to control illegal immigration, at the overwhelming objection of Floridians, who want it controlled. Then criticizing the Arizona law, telling the Republicans they have to overcome their "hostility" toward Hispanics (meaning how dare we stand up for the rule of law), etc., etc. I have said it before: I believe Jeb Bush is pulling his strings and they are on a mission for amnesty, the one Brother George didn't get when he was Prez.

Earlier this week, Sarah Palin made it known that she'd love to see Rep. Allen West (R-FL) as the GOP nominee's running mate, and the reason is obvious: the man is a conservative all-star. No beating around the bush for this guy:

"The focus is, of course, being a good congressional representative. But if someone were to make that call to me, which I really doubt is ever going to happen, you would have to make sure that it is something that God would ordain for you, and you’d...