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Another "child of the collective" to be managed by the state and not the Free will of his parents to live with his Free family. An order from Fidel or from a Saudi King is the same submissive behaviour. Bow to the Feds, Bow the Kings and bow wow America! The "rapport" of this event (anniversary April 22nd 2000) and the continuation of the same policies (taking away your gun powder) are just a few events conveniently forgotten or ignored, to fit the narrative. Communism is at the door, behind the door and knocking at YOUR door. The majority that voted for Obama will put all freedom fighters on that same list. The terrorists are protected and will always have a safe haven in Cuba, Venezuela...buddies of Iran and all enemy sponsors.
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The Church Doesn't Need a Revolution

1660Patriot Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 7:40 PM
Jesus chose Saint Peter the "Rock" to build his church. People today still don’t do what is right when it comes to sexuality and morals are quasi non-existent in the main populous culture. Our belief systems are variable from person to person. Who is protecting the Family and society the most? Getting pregnant is at a minimum by crime, unless you live in Africa or other misogynistic countries that rape and pillage for the "Hell" of it. So what is the other option? Telling people they are stupid?. Telling them Abortion kills babies In addition, irresponsible sex can get you sick, traumatized, or plain perverted if you do not find your turn on by moral standards. Rules are there for reasons usually because human nature is...
Should she get the credit for keeping a job or should her plastic surgeon?
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Romney Sources: Condi for VP

1660Patriot Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 9:28 AM
Maybe VP is Ann Coulter? All right who would want that job anyways! Now if Condi wore a head scarf and said she had converted, I am sure she could be President running against Obama herself! We need her yet the Bush haters will go wild with the earbleeding comments. He should keep them guessing till the last day. Maybe VP is Oprah who's had enough of the "race card" agenda? Allen West, Allen West, Allen West.... Are people afraid of the cowards? or is it the obvious choice: Somebody we can remember!
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Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

1660Patriot Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 9:31 AM
Conservatives are not against helping others. Going up the ladder of life and helping others along the way by maintaining the safety net to catch those who fall or cannot climb to a better view. As Cl West mentioned, this safety net is to catch and help get up those who fall, it is not a Hammok to keep you in the "siesta" mode. We are all free to climb this ladder. Stregthening individuals to do so, instead of watching them "sleep" into the collective sludge ideoloy , is a nobel value and of constructive moral duty.
Thank you for your sacrifice and good work. To monitor the lies has become an ulcer and a depressing hazardous burden, yet we can all come the the conclusion that LYING pays...up to when? In our carnal material world all we have are words, actions and votes to seek justice. You are a heroe in your own way. We will all be, once we vote into freedome with the truth !
Hot and Dry weather...Global Warming should do it right? Adios Green Slime polluters. Keep your toilet tactics away and look out for the November flush! The heat is on you Demons ! Mr Clean and his clean team is on his way to save the day, build walls, protect our children and help us make a buck!
Not only is this destructive agenda killing our forests, air, water supply, earth but this green slime has polluted our children's minds, hearts and souls. The only global warming happening is in the hot air and zealous hot heads fighting against liberty. All for glory and power. All for a pathalogical illogical virus and evil amongst us. What ultamately gets green slime out?
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Why This Obsession With Iran?

1660Patriot Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 9:24 AM
Any country, state or group of people that would even consider "living" under Sharia law as a humain, honest and holy way, should be re-educated. It takes more than 4 generations to re-educate. How long can the modern world wait, to be understood, respected and taken off the hit list of the fanatic ideological powers that bind them?
Don't forget to invite Warren to Picket against pipelines or global warming or oil sands all blessed by the united in hate agenda. Please. Lets all find a gimmick to get a preferencial treatment or some kind of payback dues. I have a native GGrandmother... the heritage was lost. Did I apply for any favoritisms, hand outs or pretend status? That is the issue. Harvard lied or was any proof required to get a participative status in false stats and tax cuts?
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