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Brown Shirts at Brown U?

sarahbradlee Wrote: Nov 03, 2013 9:57 AM
Brown University hasn't been a decent institution of higher learning for about 30 years. Three respected members of my family graduated from Brown when it was a respected institution. Today, Brown is a boutique college for the wealthy elite to send their lesser offspring. Kind of like the Kennedys who sent Patrick Kennedy to be appointed (er elected) to RI because he was too embarrassing to pawn off on Boston elites. Sad, but very true. Brown is just another New England college highly overpriced and under endowed with talent. I think that the only subject at such places is PC fascism. Don't even bother writing stories to give these students any media attention. And please don't show us pictures of them nude. I've seen them around the East Side often enough with's better that way. There are still some universities outside of New England where real subjects of value are taught - engineering schools for example. Even my brother and sister-in-law who graduated from Brown in the before time, are sending their intelligent, talented, qualified children to actual places of higher learning like Rochester Institute of Technology. Ignore these boutique colleges for the daycare centers they have become.
I'm grateful that there is still a discussion about abortion. It may help to keep the activity reality based. There is a stigma on abortion because anyone who really gives thought to the act would conclude that it is barbaric. It is also important to include early term abortions...many many of us who had abortions early without the graphic elements are nonetheless still tormented by the barbarism of the soul - the soul taken and the soul left behind. Abortion will NEVER be prohibited by law now that it has been legalized. Sad, true and a good lesson on legalizing activities without very careful consideration. However, we can tell our stories of the barbarity, evil if we choose...people are not mandated to listen. Thanks again for the article.
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Stupid Is the New Normal

sarahbradlee Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 12:08 PM
Stupid is the new title today! I'm hoping Katie will continue investigation of the Obamacare Navigators (in the manner of Breitbart/Acorn). While Acorn was defunded, only the name was changed to protect the guilty. Acorn became Obama For America (OFA) and is now Organizing For Action (OFA). Same goals, same people, same funding....because taxpayers are paying these Navigators. Signing people up for health insurance is not the most important goal for this organization. Signing up voters is, was and will always be the main objective for this democratic organization.
Always enjoy Katie's writing. Here's the sad situation (I fear): " (41%) say they will have no impact. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure. " So, if my math is correct, this means that 53% of likely voters are not prepared today to care one way or the other about Benghazi tragedy when they cast their votes for Her. The campaign for Hillary will boil down to this: Isn't it time we vote for a candidate with two x chromosomes? Won't you vote for HER? I've already seen the ads and it is very clear that Hillary expects to win your vote by the content of her x chromosomes alone. This is just exactly the kind of campaign designed to appeal to the very very very low information voter. And by this latest poll it would seem that there are about 53% of likely low information voters out there.
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Throw the Rascals Out?

sarahbradlee Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 12:58 PM
I certainly agree that term limits is a key element to getting our government back to representing We the people. This alone could have been helpful in a state like Massachusetts which has had a royal family for decades - my entire life ruled by The House of Kennedy. And calling this royal family mere 'rascals' is very kind. The solution will require more than term limits; but any solution must contain term limits. Thanks again for great articles.
Well, I guess we already learned that SOME taxpayers are more equal than others. So, if you are a taxpayer (like me and my husband) who criticizes Obamacare, then Sebelius does not work for you. Can I get a tax refund for that part of her salary coming from my household now that she has ADMITTED she is not working for me?
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A Queen in Obamaland

sarahbradlee Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 11:45 AM
She is a queen in Obamaland. Off with her head! I couldn't resist. Wonderful article...clear, blunt, honest.
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"Not One of Us"

sarahbradlee Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 5:27 AM
And, as an alumnus of one of those tony schools, I KNOW it is true! Happily, some of us picked up some knowledge and took a pass on the attitude. I might even be able to learn how to do the work of the local farmers I see in my small town in MA....then again, I'm not sure I have the determination and the strength to do the work. My hat is off to you - and I applaud your humility. A virtue unknown to the intelligentsia.
Here here!
Sorry I am just enjoying this article now... I think the Democrats are doing the same thing for the same reasons keeping Elizabeth Warren locked up somewhere with duct tape over her mouth. Pocahontas Warren probably WAS teaching a class in "Waking Up" or "Getting Dressed" or perhaps "Native American Cuisine".
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Inarticulate Republicans

sarahbradlee Wrote: Oct 08, 2013 7:54 AM
Republicans - please read these articles by Thomas Sowell...I am sure he would let you borrow some of his clear words to express the state of affairs. Boehner, give Mr. Sowell a call and ask him to prepare a speech for you!!!!
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